European Finance Association

46th Annual Meeting

Carcavelos, Portugal 21-24 August 2019


If you need childcare support for your child/children while attending the EFA, you may contact PrioVida Kids (

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Babysitter Information
  • PrioVida Kids team is built on qualified professionals, rigorously selected from the areas of Health, Education and Psychology.
  • Our babysitters have training in pediatric first aid.
  • The criminal record of our employees is checked.
  • Our Employees are multilingual, which allows a quick connection with Children and families.
  • Each babysitter can only take care of a maximum of 3 children (PrioVida Kids has the right to change the maximum number of children in function of their ages or the service features).
Babysitter Responsibilities
  • Support the Child in his hygiene, meals and rest;
  • Develop games and educational activities according the children age, ensuring fun and learning.
Babysitting Service

Our services fees are €11.00 per hour and per babysitter until 11:59pm and €13.75 after 0:00am, with a minimum of 3 hours per service.

  • Each babysitter can only accompany a maximum of 3 children simultaneously.
  • The minimum duration of service – 3 hours.
  • After 00h a 25% tax rate is added to the values of reference.
  • The babysitting service must be contracted at least 24 hours in advance.
  • PrioVida Kids can provide Babysitting services 24X7

… Contacts made at the weekend or during the week less than 6 hours in advance, adds a 15% fee to the total invoice.

Payment terms
  • Payment needs to be ensured, in full, before the execution of the service, according to an estimate of the duration of the service;
  • However, if you require additional hours, PrioVida Kids will do all possible to ensure your request. In such case an additional invoice will be issued at the completion of the services;
  • Payment must be made by bank transfer;
  • PayPal is available in case of your preference (additional PayPal fee if applies).
How to book

EFA participants can contact the company directly through or mobile phone +351 91 230 1021.
Please include in your email or mention to PrioVida Kids that you are an EFA Annual Meeting Participant.